Top 10 Arizona Hikes

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3. Browns Peak

The minute I read some accounts of the challenges that Browns Peak and the Four Peaks Wilderness Area provide, I was immediately hooked. Just getting to the Lone Pine Trailhead can be an adventure in and of itself. The turnoff for the trailhead is about an hour north east of Phoenix, but the last 20 miles are down a dirt road which I would not recommend for cars.

Once at the trailhead you’ll most likely be greeted by a cool breeze and the smell of pine trees. The hike starts off with a gentle incline as it winds its way though the forest. After about an hour you’ll reach Lone Pine Saddle. From there, just head for the crack in between the first two peaks and start climbing. Be cautious for loose rocks and keep your footing. There are a few spots in the chute that you’ll need to use your hands and do a bit of climbing. Once up top you can enjoy panoramic views as far as the snowy peaks in Flagstaff on a clear day.  Spring and Fall are the best time to hike here. The peaks can be covered in snow in winter and it is rough hot terrain in summer.


Bright Angel Trail at Grand Canyon

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