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When you think of Brazil, you probably think of Rio de Janerio with its glamorous Copacabana Beach, vibrant Lapa, and the bohemian quarters of Santa Teresa. We loved our time in Rio, but it wasn’t until we traveled further North, exploring destinations fringing the Northeastern Coast, that we discovered a thriving beach scene, unspoiled nature, deep colonial heritage, and unique succulent cuisine.

If you are dreaming about a trip to Brazil, here are a few of our favourite destinations worth visiting in this part of the country.


If you are coming to Salvador from Rio de Janeiro (like we did), you’ll find the city to be a shock to the system (but in a good way). For us, its appeal was far beyond the cobblestone streets and colourful buildings of the charming Old Town (World Heritage Site) and the beautiful views of the sun setting over the ocean from the Santo Antônio da Barra Fort.

It was here that we got a chance to sample some amazing Bahian cuisine (aracaje and moqueca are the best ), we learned a bit about the history of the slave trade in Brazil, and got our first introduction to the capoeira dance. If you are looking for a city to delve into Brazilian culture, Salvador is it!

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