15 Greatest Marvel Comic Book Villains Of All Time

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14. Bullseye

Before Frank Miller came along, Bullseye was very much a throwaway Daredevil villain who he would beat on a regular basis with relative ease. However, pitting the assassin against Elektra led to one of the most shocking moments in comic book history as he brutally murdered Matt Murdock’s former flame hours after figuring out the Man Without Fear’s secret identity.

That put him on that map, and he’d return many times over the years to plague The Man Without Fear. However, Bullseye hit the big time when his place in Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts led to him being drafted into the Dark Avengers as a deadlier version of Hawkeye! Bullseye hasn’t had much luck since then (Daredevil killed him at one point), but even after being resurrected as a paraplegic, he’s still tried to take out the hero!

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