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Handle shoe packing

It’s time to get over a shoe obsession. Too many shoes can mightily minimize a space so the fewer pairs, the better. Pick two or three pairs of versatile shoes that can serve any occasion and also don’t forget to wear on a plane those which are the bulkiest one.

Don’t fold it, roll it

Have you ever tried to roll up your clothes instead of obviously folding them? You will be surprised how much space you will save.

The bulkiest items go first

Always start to roll the heaviest clothes first and try to stow them into the corners. By doing this you distribute weight evenly. Then come the lightest goodies like cosmetics. The practical reason is also a fact that it has to be taken out during a security check at the airport especially when carried in hand luggage.

You can also save a room by wearing heavy clothes on board. If it’s too warm just place them in overhead storage.

E-books rulez it

Books, in general, are kind of popular entertainment during travels and it’s highly annoying when you want to carry an exciting book but its hard cover just doesn’t fit in your luggage. Say no to conventional books and travel with e-book reader which is so savvy to luggage. If you’ve never tried kindle, go for it!

Lesson learnt

Finally, make a list of unused or thrown away things of your last trip. That will be the best personal guide for ever. And never forget: Mobility rules.

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