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Learn how to layer

Instead of carrying 3 bulky sweaters and a coat learn how to wear more layers of lighter attire. There are different materials that protect the body from the cold which are still lightweight.

One-third of your body weight

Backpackers should carry up to a third of their weight without complication. When stuffing things into your super lightweight backpack, always remember that each kilogram less can bring you 5 kilometers further.

Share, share, and share

Admittedly, traveling alone brings along an extensive scale of advantages, like stumbling upon people and places easier or pure meditative and purgative effects. But if this is not the issue, travel with a peer for ease can share some of the gears.

Stay hydrated wisely

To drink enough water while traveling is essential for your health, but carrying a plastic bottle doesn’t seem as a wise solution (also mind environmental reasons). Instead, go for a rolling bottle that saves space when you’re not using it. These bottles are designed for outdoor adventures and can be easily attached to the backpack.

Bugs are your friends, and so is a tarp & mosquito net!

Name the bugs nature and call it a friend. Based on this newly sealed relationship, a simple tarp will substitute a tent. For genuine ultra-lightweight and high resistant tarps, check the fabric called Cuben fibers or CTF3. In tropical countries you will always deal with mosquiotos and even sprays and cream won’t always help 100%. That’s why it’s good to carry mosquito net.

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