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The less you carry, the further you go – not a new statement for most of us. But all of sudden, when we have to distinguish between needs and wants, we simply fail to become minimalists. Then it gets to the point when we would love to toss everything out of the backpack before crawling up the hill to catch the breath-taking view.

Prices of flight tickets are ridiculously low, although the prices of checked luggage are unduly growing. Therefore backpackers and budget travelers are unwillingly pushed to pack wisely. Money is not the only reason. The comfort of traveling and moving through the terminals with a light backpack than pulling behind an excess suitcase is worth the effort to think twice what to pack.

We put together a list of proven and well-tried backpacking tips how to lighten the cargo and pack smarter..:

Do I really need it?

This question should be a mantra for all those notorious over packers. If you really care about matchy-matchy outfits plan them before and don’t carry clothes you only might need. Regardless unwritten rule says you won’t wear them at all.

Next time try to think about things you essentially need and definitely won’t survive without instead of the things you might need. It saves a lot of space for more useful gear – trusted and verified!

TIP: follow up this complete travel packing list in order to not forget something important!

Choose the right backpack

The compact backpack that will carry all necessary gear and don’t get soaked when it rains is very important part of traveling. There are many factors you may take into consideration but the first above all is your comfort while traveling. Nomadic Matt has written a detailed post about characteristics of a long lasting backpack and what to look for in a good backpack.

Plan ahead of time and make a checklist

You probably guess what activities you want to do during the trip so force yourself to make a list of necessary attire. Also, check out the weather forecast and take it into account. If not activities the weather will determine the essential clothing.

Winter jacket and pants for Indonesia may seem out of sense if you plan to spend your trip enjoying beaches and hopping on and off islands. Unless your plan includes hiking volcanos where the temperature is just a little above zero degrees Celsius.

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