10 of Catalonia’s best one-day hikes

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1: The Reapers’ Route, Gósol to Bellver de Cerdanya

Church of Sant Andreu de Baltarga, Bellver de Cerdanya 

Where? Catalan Pyrenees

Follow in the footsteps of mule drivers, militia and highwaymen across the Serra de Cadí mountains to reach the Pyrenean town of Bellver de Cerdanya. This moderate, eight-hour hike winds uphill through forest and over the 2,430m Gosolans pass, rewarding your efforts with striking views of the Cadí range’s sheer rock walls.

There’s culture too: Pablo Picasso once walked these parts, and paused to paint at the village of Gósol, which is now home to a Picasso Museum.

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