10 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept To Enjoy DC Comics

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Comic book fans need to be faster than a speeding bullet when it comes to making sense of continuity errors and a stubbornness more powerful than a locomotive when it comes to reboots. Nowhere is this more apparent than with DC Comics.

After over 75 years on the scene, DC Comics have managed to strain credulity on more than a few occasions. A guy who dresses up as a bat because his parents died? An orphan from a dying planet comes to Earth and decides to help rather than rule as a God? Aquaman has his own title? There is just so much ridiculousness going on here! Plus there’s the infinite earths that seem to be in perpetual crises, an entire cosmos populated by bizarre characters and plot devices, and yeah the crazy rodent vigilante guy is pretty odd too.

These are all just part of the rich tapestry of DC Comics, and it’s why we love them. We love that the company had to come up with the concept of Hypertime to explain narrative contradictions. We love that they have thousands of documented alternate realities, that each has its own name and categorisation, and that they frequently turn up new enemies, allies, and headaches for the heroes of “our” reality. And we love that Batman fella, actually.

DC Comics is a big old mess of crazy stuff, inexplicable plot twists, and fraught behind-the-scenes politics, and we love them all for it. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t point them out from time to time, does it?

Here are ten of the craziest things about DC you just have to adore.

10. Deathstroke Is Still A Dead Shot With One Eye

Deathstroke the Terminator is one of the most dangerous assassins in the DCU, a genuine threat to even the most powerful heroes (and villains) with his higher-than-average intelligence, martial arts expertise, and his mastery of any and all weapons. Which is pretty impressive when you think about it, since the dude’s half-blind.

Slade Wilson had his eye shot out by his wife after he tried to rescue his young son from kidnappers, but made a hash of it (read: they slashed the kid’s throat), and despite his healing factor and the many technological and scientific advances made by the likes of STAR Labs, he’s got on fine without having any peripheral vision. It’s possible that Deathstroke actually got more adept at the killing business as a result of this impairment, heightening his other senses to make up for his bad vision.

Which is total comic book logic. Having one eye makes everything difficult, let alone if your job is as a mercenary who frequently fights with superpowered people who could easily snap you like a twig! Still, Deathstroke’s one of the coolest characters in DC, so we’ll let him off.

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