10 Comic Book Movies That Could Be The Next Avengers: Infinity War

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By the time the dust has settled and all the seats have finally emptied, Infinity War will do down as one of the biggest events in cinematic history.

People will be talking about this film for decades to come, and while it might be hard to think that there are even more stories in Marvel’s library that are just as – if not more – climactic, perilous or grand as Infinity War, it’s the truth.

There are countless other ‘Infinity Wars’ out there waiting to be tapped on the big screen, and while it might be a little bit early to contemplate more of these event storylines when the first still hasn’t been resolved (Avengers 4, despite the titling convention, is obviously IW part dux), is a pressing matter.

Infinity War may represent the culmination of the MCU’s first ten years, but the buck doesn’t stop there. There’s enough source material over at the House of Ideas to provide at least another three decades of Infinity War-esque tales, and with the MCU only set to grow from here, it’s likely that audiences will see them in one way or another.

10. Secret Wars

Today, at least, comic book fans tend to deride ‘event’ stories. They spill over and disrupt other comics, are frankly overused and, for the most part, lack the kind of weight necessary to make them effective. There was a time, however, where the event genre was never really a thing, and when they did start, it was all thanks to a little book called Secret Wars.

Written in 1984 by Jim Shooter, the cosmic comic brought together all of Marvel’s most prominent heroes and villains under one roof at the behest of the Beyonder, an omnipotent being who wished to settle a dispute in regards to the forces of good and evil. It wasn’t the best series, but it was the first time all of Marvel’s heroes collided in such a way. The series was also famous for birthing Spider-Man’s notorious black suit, and with Venom again set to light up the big screen this October, could there be a chance that Marvel Studios look to get in on the act as well?

If so, Secret Wars presents a fine way of knocking two birds with one stone. It brings together a crazy assortment of heroes and villains, provides the ‘event’ feel of Infinity War without the stress factor (for the most part), and sets the status-quo for future Spidey films presumably in the pipeline.

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