10 Best Hikes in Arizona for Beginners

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If you love to hike, one of the best places you can live or travel in is Arizona. There are lots of wide open spaces, the landscapes are dramatic, and the trails are suitable for all skill levels. For this article, we’re focusing on easy hikes that are perfect for beginners.

Hiking is one of the most accessible and beginner-friendly outdoor activities in the world. What’s great about hiking is that you can do it practically anywhere, with very minimal gear, and at a low cost. If you’re not used to the heat, sun, and dryness of Arizona, it’s also a smart idea to start with easy beginner hikes and gradually work your way up to harder routes.

Arizona is a beautiful state, and the best way to really experience its rugged beauty is on your own two feet. Here are our picks for the top beginner hikes in the state of Arizona.

Deadman’s Pass Trail Hike

Deadmans Pass Trail, Coconino National Forest, Sedona (Nearby Hotels)

The Sedona area is one of the most dramatic and fascinating places to take a hike in the entire country. This is a region known for red rocks, vast landscapes, and mysterious vortexes. An easy trail to hike here is the Deadmans Pass Trail, which connects Boynton Canyon, the Mescal Trail, and Long Canyon. The easiest place to begin this hike is at the Boynton Canyon Road Trailhead, but other options are available too if parking is filled up during busy times. The hike will take you about 30 minutes one-way or an hour round-trip. You’ll find a variety of terrain on this trail and some single-track mountain biking paths here. Horses are also allowed on the trail.

Tumamoc Hill Hike

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